jade and jonah, 6 months, female and male

Jade and Jonah are an adorable dynamic duo. Jade defines curious cat and Jonah is her counterbalancing cautious kitty.

Jade will investigate that new pair of shoes you just bought, then meow for a game of wand toy and maybe some lap time. For all her curiosity, she’s still not sure how she feels about new people. Her fosters say she’s warming up to pets, and if she’s on her cat tower she’ll roll over for belly rubs!

Jonah’s not as interested in your shopping bags but will be waiting for you to sit down so he can monopolize your lap. He’s a patient little love bug, but like his sister he needs some time to get used to people before he’ll show his mushy soft underbelly for pets. He’s surpassed his sister for the title of top snuggler!

We think these two will do best in a family with older children or a patient adopter.

Jade and Jonah are spayed and neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, negative for FeLV/FIV, and $75 to adopt as a pair.

Interested in adopting, fostering or have more questions? E­mail info@cattownoakland.org