Special Prizes for Fundraisers

This year, for each donation you receive, no matter the size, you have a chance to win a prize.

  • Grand Prize raffle: For each donation you receive, you get an entry. The winner will choose between your name on our legacy mural (in big letters!) or a visit from Cat Town (with kittens!) at your work.

And when you hit these goals, you have another chance to win!

  • Everyone who raises $1,000 or more: Choose to get your name on the legacy mural (normal letters) OR get one ticket to our fall event, Second Chance Soiree. You will also be entered into the swag bag raffle!
  • Everyone who raises at least $700: Get one ticket to our fall event, Second Chance Soiree
  • Swag Bag Raffle: Get an entry to win a Cat Town swag bag (shirt, tote, beanie, mug, sticker) when you raise $500 or more

We also have incentivizes for YOU to give your donors:

  • For each donation someone makes to your campaign, give them a raffle entry
  • Every time they share one of your SPC posts, give them a raffle entry

Prizes being raffled for EACH fundraising team:

  • $20 to the Cat Town store
  • 2 visits to Cat Town Adoption Center

That’s TWO prizes for you to give as encouragement for people to donate to you. To track your raffle entries, we’ve made a spreadsheet template you can use!

You can also create your own incentives! In the past our fundraisers have pledged to give away handmade pottery, bake cookies, write poems, walk for 24 hours straight, and more to encourage donations.