huey, 2 years, male

Huey is an absolute charmer. He has a big personality and is full of love and affection for everyone he meets. He loves to play and will scamper around the house chasing invisible bugs, and is a talker with the cutest little meow. When he’s not playing, he’s a total lap cat and follows his humans wherever they go, rubbing on their legs whenever they stop.

Ever the social butterfly, Huey also gets along well with other cats and is polite and gentle when meeting new furry friends. He’s similarly comfortable with new humans and was a star pupil for his foster, quickly learning the rules of her house. He'd be happiest in a home where people are around a lot or he had another feline friend to keep him company.

As agreeable as he is, Huey does need an experienced cat owner as he was sadly the victim of a tail pull injury that left him temporarily incontinent. His tail was amputated to relieve him of the pain, and he uses his litter box normally now. However, he occasionally leaks urine while sleeping and he requires a daily pill (easily taken in a treat or food) as well as a special urinary diet to continue his recovery. It’s amazing that Huey has remained so loving despite his misfortune, and he will fit right into a kind, caring home.

Huey is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, negative for FIV, negative for FeLV, and $50 to adopt.

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