Remember that email is almost always more effective than social media for fundraising, but it is extra helpful to do both! In addition to our virtual office hours, we will also share three example posts you can use for yourself every week. And, if you use the hashtag #TeamCatTown, we’ll help your posts get seen by liking it and/or commenting on it!

How Often to Post

  • Post often and meaningfully with a mix of public updates (think status updates) and direct, private requests (think email and Facebook Messenger). Whatever you share should primarily be your own, personal posts, but it doesn’t hurt to also share some Cat Town posts if they resonate with you.

  • Post about Cat Town once or twice a day (more often is better for Twitter). Most of your posts should not ask for money. Instead, they should let people know why our work is important, and why you support us!

  • Give a status update on your own campaign every 3-4 days. These can be your donation asks.

Example Posts for Instagram

Photos provided in the Visuals Library.


During the summer, when the city shelter faces devastating numbers of animals in need, these cats are at their highest risk of euthanasia. That’s why I’m fundraising for #TeamCatTown during the Saving Pets Challenge! Please visit my fundraising page at <INSERT YOUR FUNDRAISER LINK HERE> and consider making a donation of any size to help Oakland’s at-risk shelter population find the loving homes.


I’m on #TeamCatTown in the #SavingPetsChallenge, a friendly fundraising competition raising money to help animals. Please help by giving what you can so Cat Town can help the shelter’s most vulnerable cats go to loving homes. Go here to give: <INSERT LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE>.


As a nonprofit cat rescue, Cat Town depends on supporters like you to get cats out of the shelter and into loving homes. Please check out my fundraiser <INSERT LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE> and give what you can to support me in the #SavingPetsChallenge. If enough people give, I’ll be helping them raise $60,000 to save shelter cats this summer, when they’re at their biggest risk! #TeamCatTown


Example Posts for Facebook, Next Door, and LinkedIn

Photos provided in the Visuals Library.


THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my fundraiser for #TeamCatTown! I’m <25% / 50% / 75% / 80% / 90%> of my way toward reaching my goal because of you. If you have been on the fence about supporting me, ask me anything you want about Cat Town. I’d love to tell you more about why they’re unique in the animal rescue world. And if you already gave, please consider sharing this post to get the word out. Thank you again! <tag all friends who gave, except those who gave anonymously.


The welfare of animals is not a priority right now for the powerful in our country. But I refuse to let that make me feel powerless. Cat Town is saving adoptable animals that would otherwise be euthanized and finding them homes with people that can share a good life with them — I care about that. If you care, too, please support Cat Town's change-making work by donating on my page: <INSERT FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK>. #TeamCatTown


Imagine going on a first date from inside a cage. If you’re like most cats, you understand how that cage might distract you from your date — or for cats, your potential adopter. If you can’t put your best foot forward, chances are, you aren’t going to get adopted.

Cat Town partners with the city shelter to help cats who aren’t doing well in their cage. They get them out of cages, and put them in a setting where their “first date” can result in getting adopted. In the seven years they have been operating, Cat Town has helped reduce the euthanasia rate for cats at the Oakland shelter by 70%! That’s why I’m fundraising to support #TeamCatTown. If you agree this is a good cause, please donate to my campaign today! <INSERT FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK HERE>


Cat Town depends on donations to provide for the shelter’s most vulnerable cats. Cats like 8-year-old Sammy, who, without Cat Town, would not have made it out of the shelter. Instead, this sweet, partially blind cat is thriving! I want to help him get adopted, so I’m raising money to help Cat Town support his care. Please support my campaign: <INSERT FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK HERE> #TeamCatTown


I’m fundraising for an organization I care so much about — Cat Town! Cat Town is a nonprofit cat rescue working to get Oakland’s most vulnerable shelter cats (e.g. the ill, injured, senior, stressed, and under-socialized), out of their cages and into the loving homes they deserve. But they can’t do it alone, and that why I need your help!

I’m helping #TeamCatTown raise $60,000 dollars in the 2018 Saving Pets Challenge, and I’m asking you to join me! With your support, we’ll be able to help more cats like Bailey move from the stressful shelter into a loving home.


Any amount makes a difference in the lives of Oakland’s at-risk shelter cats. Please visit my fundraising page at <INSERT FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK HERE> and help Cat Town change lives! #TeamCatTown


I believe in Cat Town because I volunteer every week, and see their work first-hand. That’s why I’m fundraising to support their work (Please donate! <INSERT FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK HERE>). I also think you’d feel as strongly as I do if you saw the difference they make for yourself, so for every fundraising post of mine you share in the month of May, I’m going to give you an entry into my own personal raffle for two free visits to Cat Town. If you share 10 posts, you get 10 changes to win!#TeamCatTown


I believe in Cat Town’s mission to focus on helping cats no one else is working to save, so I’m running my own fundraiser to support them. I hope you will support this great cause by donating to support me. Please visit my fundraising campaign at <INSERT LINK HERE> and consider making even a small donation. Every little bit makes a big difference in the lives of Oakland’s cats! #TeamCatTown


Example Posts for Twitter

Photos provided in the Visuals Library.


Right now the shelter is crowded, but that doesn’t mean any cat should get left behind. Help me get the cats most likely to be overlooked out of the shelter by donating to my fundraiser for Cat Town. <INSERT FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK HERE> #TeamCatTown


I’m at XX% of my $X,XXX goal, and would love to cross that finish line. Help me save Oakland’s shelter cats with a donation to my fundraiser for #TeamCatTown at <INSERT FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK HERE>


Cat Town saves lives! I am fundraising for this little organization to make sure they can save as many cats as possible this summer. Support my fundraiser by visiting <INSERT FUNDRAISER LINK HERE>! #TeamCatTown


I’m fundraising for Cat Town to help the shelter cats who usually get overlooked in Oakland and nationwide. Your donation of any size will help me save lives! <INSERT FUNDRAISING LINK HERE> #TeamCatTown


#TeamCatTown is participating in the #SavingPetsChallenge2018, and I’m dedicated to helping them succeed! Donate to my campaign at <INSERT FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK HERE> to make a difference for Oakland’s cats.


Find additional social media sample posts through the Saving Pets Challenge Crowdrise page

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