Email is the most effective way to reach your audience.

How Often to Email

Email your audience once a week with a story about why they should support your campaign. But remember: make sure you don’t spam your friends and family! Send emails to yourself and put everyone else in the bcc line.

We’ll be sharing new example emails every week that you can adjust to make your own.

  • EMAIL 1: What you hope to achieve by fundraising, and why

    • “To honor Fluffy, the greatest cat I ever had, because everyone deserves to experience that kind of love.”

    • “To reduce euthanasia in my community, because no animal should suffer/every animal deserves a home”

    • “To help Cat Town save more cats, because no other organization in my community helps the cats they focus on”

    • Etc!

  • EMAIL 2: A success story that illustrates what donations can accomplish, with a THANK YOU message to anyone who has donated and a progress report on reaching your campaign goal.

  • EMAIL 3: Another success story with a request to help you meet your goal before 5/31.

  • EMAIL 4: Report on how much you raised, and how much Cat Town raised overall. Thank everyone.

Example Emails

SUBJECT LINE: You can help me do something I care about deeply today


I've devoted hundreds of volunteer hours to helping Cat Town provide shy, scared, sick, timid, old, and injured cats live good lives with loving adopters. This summer I am fundraising to help them continue their work, despite the costly needs of the special cats they help.

Your gift means that my volunteer work can continue to make a difference. But your donation does more than support my personal efforts—it helps redefine what “adoptable” means among shelter cats in Oakland and beyond.

As you might know, Cat Town set out to save the cats who are still largely considered unadoptable. These are animals that can live happily as loyal companions, but are euthanized across the nation because they "don't show well" in cages. Shy cats. Scared cats. Cats under tremendous stress, and cats that are grieving the loss of their families. Cat Town helps cats feel safe and find their confidence. They were told again and again that what they wanted to do was impossible. But in just seven years they have helped slash the city shelter's euthanasia rate from 42% to less than 13%, all while focusing on the animals other rescue organizations — even "no kill" shelters — said couldn't be helped.

Your support means that despite the tremendous cost of saving these lives Cat Town can keep its doors open to continue this work. I hope you’ll join me in supporting a community and cause I care deeply for, and make a donation today.

With love and gratitude,




SUBJECT LINE: Please join me!


I have seen Cat Town’s magic firsthand: I have helped foster kittens who had lost their trust of people, and watched them turn into cuddle bugs. I’ve nursed sick cats back to health and watched their confidence bloom. I’ve helped families find the perfect companion—and guided guests as they played with cats over a cup of coffee, explaining that this “play time” was vital to helping shy and scared cats improve their social skills—and their chances to connect with loving adopters.

Your help is needed to sustain and grow Cat Town's lifesaving work. In addition to the money raised through individual team members, Saving Pets Challenge will award special cash prizes to the nonprofit teams that raise the most cumulative donations during the SPC campaign. Your gift on my page could have twice the impact by helping Cat Town become a top fundraiser.

Please join me in helping Cat Town thrive so that more cats will be saved and live happy lives with caring and compassionate people. Thank you, friends.

With gratitude,




SUBJECT LINE: Will you help me again?


Thank you so much for supporting my past fundraisers for Cat Town. Your donations have made my heart full, and have made a huge difference for this small nonprofit.

I fundraise for Cat Town because I have seen firsthand how this small organization makes a huge impact. I have found so much joy in fostering special-needs kittens in my own home, and with shy and senior cats at their innovative adoption center in Oakland. This has given me a front-row seat to Cat Town operations, and I can say that this is a truly deserving nonprofit. The team makes every dollar count.

Please join me again today in supporting Cat Town’s life-saving work with a tax-deductible gift <CAMPAIGN LINK>.

Cat Town does a lot with a little—they have helped cut Oakland's euthanasia rate by 70%.

This is even more incredible because Cat Town doesn't just rescue the easy cats. Cat Town rescues every cat. The cats that hide in the shelter. The cats that were surrendered with terrible illnesses, in need of surgery, or those who've lived long past their kitten years and are hoping for a warm lap to snuggle into in their old age. The cats other rescue organizations say are "unadoptable."

There is no one else doing this kind of life-saving work in my community. Compassion is hard work. It often isn't pretty. And many times, there isn't enough help for the helpers. Your generosity makes a real difference. Thank you again for supporting Cat Town’s work last year. I hope you’ll donate to my campaign today to help animals with nowhere else to turn.

With love,


PS - This week a Cat Town donor is matching donations, up to $1,000 —so your donation has an excellent chance of making an even bigger impact.

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