ms grand dame pickles, 11 years, female

Ms. Grand Dame Pickles is a queen and she lives quite the pampered lifestyle!   As a mature gal, she loves the finest of things; good quality food to keep her healthy lifestyle, a warm cozy lap to settle on at night, and daily playtime with her person (string is her favorite!).  She is a very smart cat and she loves a good conversation with her person, especially if you are good at baby-talk!.  

As an older gal, Ms. Pickles has a little bit of arthritis in her left knee.  It sometimes causes her to limp slightly, but she can get around just fine. She may need assistance (or a little set of steps) getting up on surfaces higher than a low chair or couch, but that just means she can make her way to you more easily to watch Netflix!  Her arthritis doesn't curb her love of playing one bit either!

Ms. Grand Dame Pickles would like to be the queen of her castle and be the only pet in the home.  She would do well with cat savvy guardians who can appreciate her quirky personality.  

Ms. Pickles is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, negative for FeLV/FIV, and $50 to adopt.

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