Visuals Matter

Always accompany anything you write with a video or photo. It helps your message get noticed and inspires questions, which are a great opportunity to remind people why Cat Town’s work is so unique! On Facebook, your videos will go farther than pictures, and that’s even more true when you upload the video as a file instead of sharing it as a link. 

Keep it Short

Try to keep emails between 200 and 400 words, Facebook posts to a paragraph, Twitter and Instagram to a sentence or two.

Use Bold Text Sparingly  

Pick no more than three important points to make bold text in an email. The goal is to make your email easy to skim, so that if they read nothing but bold text, they get the whole story (why you are asking, what they can do, how they can do it).


Customize Your Campaign Link

Custom links get 34% more clicks! You can customize your own Saving Pets Challenge page by using a Bitly link ( creating a Bitly account is fast and free). Please reach out to to have a custom link made for your fundraising page.  

Don't Forget a PS

Even if they read nothing else, everyone reads the PS. It’s a good place to remind your reader of a timely incentive (see our section on Incentives) or urgent need.