earl, 10 years, male

Anyone who has spent time with a senior cat knows they’re how loving they can be, how funny, and how happy to be adopted. Ten-year-old Earl is the poster boy for that sweet senior disposition. He loves to be pet and picked up, and would make a great, easy-going companion for adults and kids of any age. And while he’s hugely affectionate and appreciative of your company, he’s also happy to go his own way; this wise, white-whiskered guy can show anyone how to find happiness in sunlight and solitude.

Earl will need your help getting to veterinary appointments, because he’s FIV+, and there are a few special routines you can do with him to keep him healthy and comfortable. But it hasn’t diminished his energy! He’s engaged, curious, and playful - if you show him a wand toy, he’ll jump in the game like he’s a kitten again.

In his years and his travels, Earl has found the secrets to simple feline enlightenment and pure joy. He’ll be glad to teach you if you’ll help him find a home!

Earl is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, negative for FeLV and positive for FIV, and $50 to adopt.