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Start with YOU

The top 2 attention-getting words for a reader are

  1. Their own name
  2. You

When you start your message with “you,” you’ll get everyone’s attention.

Make the Ask Easy

Create an easy-to-fill “donor-shaped hole” in your message. Anyone reading what you write should be able to say, “I can help with that!!” Ask first for donations, then ask those who give if they’ll help share your posts to help you reach your goal. 

Remember — the Head Follows the Heart

Everyone *thinks* they make decisions with facts, but really, we make decisions from our hearts (it’s science). If you can make your reader feel the same emotion you feel about a story, they’ll want to give. Then, they’ll use any numbers or statistics you share to justify the decision their heart has already made. When in doubt, go for heart!

Tell Stories

If you want folks to remember what you asked them to do, tell them a story about how Cat Town helped you, a special cat, or an important event. We will email you a cat story every week that we are not going to share anywhere else. They’re for you to use to raise awareness for our work, to ask for support on your campaign, or to thank donors. See examples in our Help Telling Stories section, and in our collection of blog posts here.