Chester & Daphne

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Scroll down for your first example email of the campaign. Feel free to use this as a starting point to tell everyone what you hope to achieve by fundraising, and why, or write your own email to tell your personal story!

We’ve also included some example posts you can share on social media! Remember to use a good photo when you do.

Finally, if you’re stuck on where to start, let us know, or ask your fellow fundraisers on Facebook for tips from the field! We’re all one big team!

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This Week's SPC Incentives:

MAY 1 - May 8: Every organization that raises $500 online this week will get entered to win $2,000. There will be 4 winners.

Example Email:

GOAL: Explain what you hope to achieve by fundraising, and why

SUBJECT LINE: Help me give every senior cat a home

Dear First Name,

After their owner died, Chester and Daphne, two senior cats, hid under the bed while the landlord tried to scare them out the front door. He didn’t know what else to do with them. Thankfully, a few Cat Town staff members volunteer at Oakland Animal Services, and Cat Town stepped in when concerned neighbors called the shelter for help.

Daphne is missing an eye, and needed dental care so she could eat comfortably. Chester’s fur was full of greasy mats, and needed to be shaved. Cat Town got them both the medical care they needed, and a foster home to minimize the stress in their lives.

Now Chester spends all day on his foster’s lap, cuddling. They call Daphne “Junebug” — because while she was shy at first, now she lights up the whole room. Both cats are sweet as can be, and because of Cat Town’s foster network, they have the love they need while they wait for a new home.

Cat Town helps senior cats like Chester and Daphne every day. I believe in their work so much that I’m asking you to support them in the Saving Pets Challenge.

This summer, lots of senior cats like Chester and Daphne will wait longer than usual to find a forever home while kitten season is underway. I want to make sure Cat Town can get them the care they need while they wait.

Please consider making a contribution to my fundraiser today!

Thank you,


Example Social Media Posts:


Hello, friends! I’m fundraising for Cat Town, and would love your support reaching my goal. Cat Town helps senior cats, like Chester and Daphne (pictured). These cats needed LOTS of help after their owner passed away, so Cat Town got got them in good health and put them in a loving foster home. My fundraiser will help Cat Town care for Chester, Daphne, and many other cats hoping to get adopted! Will you chip in to help me raise $XXXX? <Insert personal Crowdrise link>

I’m fundraising to support Cat Town, because they support the most vulnerable cats at the shelter — like Chester and Daphne. After their owner passed away, the landlord tried to scare these two senior cats out the front door. They were found hiding under the bed. With Cat Town’s help, they were placed in a foster home, so they can cuddle all day long while they wait to be adopted. Please help me make sure cats like Chester and Daphne get all the care they need by donating to my #TeamCatTown fundraiser today! <Insert personal Crowdrise link>

Daphne is missing an eye, and needed to have EIGHT teeth pulled. Chester’s fur was full of greasy mats, and needed to be shaved. Cat Town got them the medical care they needed — but there are many more cats at the shelter who still need our help! That’s why I’m supporting #TeamCatTown and raising money to save cats during the month of May. Please consider making a donation to my campaign today <Insert personal Crowdrise link>.


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