chester and daphne, 10+ years, male and female

Gentle Maine Coon pair Daphne and Chester have been bonded for years. They’re adorable together, and take care of one another in a way that reveals their closeness and shared history. Daphne is all charm, strutting up to strangers and following people around throughout the home. She loves sleeping in bed with her fosters as much as she loves being held in their arms, and she’s also very playful when toys come out. It is, as it sounds, very hard to resist.

Chester is more shy and slower to warm up to new people, but when he does, he even outdoes Daphne in sweetness. He adores having his belly rubbed by a trusted friend, snuggling up against you for a blissful nap, or just relaxing in the sun with a person nearby. When he gets comfortable with someone, he gets very comfortable.

These two seniors are mellow but full of love and personality. Daphne has one daily medication, which she takes happily. Both are wonderful and ready to start a new chapter! When you meet them, it’s hard not to imagine them in your home, sharing all the trust and love they have for each other with you.

Daphne and Chester are spayed and neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, negative for FeLV/FIV, and $75 to adopt as a pair.

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