chelsea, 2 years, female

Chelsea is a sweet, striking Russian Blue-looking cat (not purebred) who's learning her way around humans and coming into her own through play and affection. When it comes to playtime, Chelsea's usual speed is "break-neck," according to her foster. "She's a natural hunter. The toy has no hope of escaping!" And when it comes to trusting new people, she has a more cautious pace. "The key to earning Chelsea's heart is patience."

But Chelsea's very engaged and social once she's learned that a human is indeed a safe friend. She trills and mews for head scritches and cheek rubs, and purrs happily when she's really in the mood for pets. Chelsea hasn't yet learned what it is to be picked up, but has recently learned the joys of lap sitting, and now seeks it daily. All the while she'll keep making the rounds, nose-nudging an approaching hand and making sure to look inquisitively up at you with her expressive eyes.

Although she's only one year old and new to living with people, Chelsea already has great manners, always using her litterbox and pausing for pets before digging in to the wet food her foster mom brings her. Because of her rambunctiousness at play, and her initial need for space, we do think Chelsea would do best in a home without young children. But her progress has already impressed us so much, and she'll continue to blossom as she learns to let her guard down.

Chelsea is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, negative for FeLV/FIV, and $75 to adopt.

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