Meet Our Newest Foster Cats

We've been able to bring some incredible cats into foster homes over the last month through our partnership with Oakland Animal Services. As they settle into their temporary housing, we wanted to highlight five of those cats who are now available for adoption. 

Chance is the kid who just won't quit! After a tough start in life - 2 surgeries, an illness, and a feline leukemia diagnosis - this 6 month old is still full of love and affection, and is ready to become the newest member of your family.

Sanchi, who some may remember from the Cafe, is finding her foster home to be a far less stressful environment where she can cash in on all the affection she craves. If you're looking for a sweet, pet-loving feline friend, look no further than Sanchi. 

Easton is an incredibly well rounded cat, loving, play time and pets equally. His energy would be a perfect fit for a first time cat owner, or a family with kids!

Grady will melt in your hands the second you start petting him. He's incredibly friendly, enjoying the company new and old friends alike. If he can be a solo cat in your home, you're sure to be rewarded with affection for years to come.

Mickey's fluff is just the beginning of what makes him special. This senior boy might need a little time to warm up, but he is incredible smart, as well as playful, and as long as you can provide him with his favorite thing - belly rubs - you'll have yourself a true companion soon enough. 

Be sure to check out their full bios under the ADOPT tab, and reach out to with any adoption inquiries.