calista, 5 months, female

Fans of little paws and outsized ears, meet Calista, a sweet, curious six-month-old tabby. Despite her adorable kittenish proportions, she’s already got most things figured out. She loves chasing a wand toy, jumping up on laps, and soaking up pets. On the floor or couch, she’ll purr happily and roll over for belly rubs when you start to pet her. Though she’ll be cautious around new people at first, Calista’s affectionate nature and interest in human activities quickly come to the surface. In a short time, she was following her foster from room to room.

She’s getting along excellently (and gaining confidence!) with the resident cat in her foster home, so we'd like her to be with another cat to play with and learn from in her permanent home. She would also be a good friend for older or more cat-savvy kids - one of our adoption counselors can advise you about this if you’re not sure. Sweet, playful, and adorable - there’s so much to love about Calista, you might want to take her home as soon as you meet her. If you’re ready to be won over, contact, and let us introduce you!