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Here’s a new sample email and social posts about Blossom, a forgotten kitten who recently found a wonderful home after being helped in our Studios, foster care, and Adoption Center. Feel free to use this to show your donors what their support can accomplish! And, if you want to share it with friends who’ve already given, try turning it into a Thank You letter with a reminder that sharing your campaign will help you reach your goal!

We’ve also included some example posts you can share on social media. Remember to use a good photo when you do.

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This Week's SPC Incentives:

May 8 - May 14: Check out our incentives page for ideas on motivating your donors with a personal gift, or a prize from Cat Town!

Example Email:

Subject Line: An angry kitten named Blossom


INTRO OPTION 1: Want to know one way Cat Town will use your donations when you support my fundraiser? The Forgotten Kitten Project! Kittens who aren’t socialized within their first 3 months are considered to be too old to help by most shelters and rescues.

INTRO OPTION 2: Did you know that, if kittens aren’t socialized within their first three months, they’re too old to help by most shelters and rescues? But at Cat Town, volunteers go above and beyond for these little ones with their Forgotten Kitten Project.

That was the case for four-month-old Blossom. She grew up alone, hiding in the back of her shelter cage — swatting and hissing at anyone who came near. She was such an intimidating kitten that no one at the shelter would touch her without heavy leather gloves.

Cat Town took her with another litter of older kittens to socialize them all, but Blossom hid behind the others, hissing and stomping if volunteers tried to pet her. That’s when Rachel, one of Cat Town’s volunteers, decided to foster Blossom to make sure she got extra attention. Knowing that she felt safest with a hiding place, Rachel kept Blossom’s crate beside her in bed while she slept. This, along with strategic playtime, proved key to winning Blossom over.

Blossom made so much progress with Rachel that Cat Town brought her back to their Adoption Center, and it wasn’t long before she got adopted. Her new family introduced her to their cat, Oscar, and within a week she was cuddling everyone, including her new brother. It was like a flipped switch!

Blossom’s story isn’t unusual. I’m fundraising for Cat Town because the Oakland shelter is filling up with newborn kittens, and in August, they’ll have lots of Forgotten Kittens needing help. I know Cat Town will help them all get their best chance at being adopted!

I’m XX% toward reaching my goal. Please consider helping me save Cat Town cats like Blossom!



PS - Seeing is believing, so everyone who donates to my fundraiser will get a chance to win two tickets to see Cat Town’s work in action!

Example Social Media Posts:


When kittens turn 3 months old they’re suddenly much more difficult to socialize, but Cat Town goes the extra distance with their Forgotten Kitten Project! It’s kitten season now, but in a few months, all the kittens at the shelter now who don’t get adopted will need Cat Town’s help. Consider supporting my campaign to make sure these kittens get a chance at adoption! <YOUR CAMPAIGN LINK>

When 4-month-old Blossom was struggling to trust humans, a Cat Town superstar volunteer brought her home and slept beside this scaredy cat in her cat carrier all night. Her persistence paid off, because now Blossom is an expert snuggler. Help me support Cat Town today with a donation so they can keep transforming kittens like Blossom all summer long! <YOUR CAMPAIGN LINK>


I’m XX% toward reaching my goal. Please consider helping me save Cat Town cats like Blossom! Your donations will help buy toys, treats, and other tools of the trade that help them build trust with scared kittens once they’re outside the ideal window for socialization. <YOUR CAMPAIGN LINK>


Photos of Blossom

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