WYATT, 1 year, male

Wyatt is a soft pure sweetheart. Black with white feet in back; white toes in front; and a cute white chin, helpfully marking a favorite scratching area; he’s hard to resist when he comes around for cuddles. “Wyatt loves to be petted and get deep neck and shoulder  rubs with both hands. He'll bump your hand repeatedly to get petted, especially when he first sees you in the morning or when you return after being away.”

After he was hit by a car in May, Wyatt was in a lot of pain and couldn’t walk. He was on doctor-recommended crate rest for weeks while his injuries healed. Fortunately for him, and for all of us who couldn’t wait for him to get better, he made a very strong recovery! Take it from his foster: “Now that he’s mobile, he's very playful, and especially likes the feather toy, the cat dancer, and stuffed toys he can kick with his back legs… He can climb stairs and jump up onto a chair or the bed, but prefers to chase, catch and carry his toys back where he can play with them on a rug or other soft surface.”

Even though he’s ready for action, Wyatt’s injuries require a few basic precautions. He shouldn’t live with young children or a dog who might not play gently, and he should be an indoor cat. We think you’ll want to keep him close to you, anyway!

Watch Cat Town’s video of Wyatt in recovery, soaking up head rubs, and contact info@cattownoakland.org when you’re ready to meet him!

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Wyatt is currently only $25 to adopt as part of our Black Cat Adoption Special, August 13 through 18.