Volunteer Spotlight: Hannah N.

Hannah N. is one of our rock-star volunteers: an Adoption Counselor at the café as well as for our foster program, she also helps train her fellow volunteers in match-making workshops. We asked her about her experience volunteering with Cat Town, and here is what she shared:

When I first adopted my cat I did everything wrong, but it wasn’t until I started researching how I could change my behavior, and my home, to help her that I really understood that! After a lot of patience, detective work, and vet bills, my home became a place where she felt comfortable. My cat was so happy! That’s when I really got into cat behavior, and I wanted to do more with my new knowledge, so I started volunteering for animal rescue organizations. 

One day, I saw a senior cat needing an emergency foster on Cat Town's Facebook page, so I offered to foster this 14-year old little deaf kitty. She was adopted after just 3 days with me, and really blossomed in her new home. When the cafe opened I became one of Cat Town's first adoption counselors. I felt like my input was valued, and I could see the impact of my efforts right away. So I decided to go all in—and now I'm addicted. If Cat Town needs something and I'm available, I help.

I really love matchmaking. There's just something magical about seeing a connection between the cat and the human start to form, and helping people find that joyful spark. I've met amazing cats and people over the past year and a half, but I think one of my most recent adoptions is my favorite so far. 

I was introducing a foster cat named Emma Lou to a woman who had recently retired and was living all by herself. Towards the end of her visit, when it was pretty clear that Emma Lou was about to get adopted, the woman turned to me and said, "I'm so happy to have a companion to come home to again." I got to witness this family being formed in front of my eyes. It made me grateful to be a volunteer.

We asked Hannah if she had any advice for people thinking of volunteering, and will leave you with her thoughts:

Do it. It's so rewarding, even if you can only do it once a month. My life is so much more fulfilled because of volunteering. Whether it's with Cat Town, another shelter, or some other cause you care about, the most rewarding thing you can do in life is to help in some small way.