toto, 11 years, female

Meet Toto, eager affection-seeker and aspiring soccer star. This lovely tux doesn’t show her age during playtime: she adores chasing her soccer balls and will even bring them back to you when you throw them! Her other hobbies include lounging by the window, watching the neighbors, and taking long naps on soft cushions.

Toto can act aloof around strangers, but is very affectionate when she gets comfortable. She loves being near her humans and receiving attention, especially head scratches, and is a certified lap cat. She’ll even welcome you at the door when you get home!

This little lady is indoor-only and would do best with an experienced owner, as she is FIV-positive.  She is currently healthy (and just got her teeth cleaned!), but if she catches a cold or shows signs of feline illness, it should be addressed right away. While she loves grown-up humans, she doesn’t get along as well with children and should be in a child-free environment.

If you’re looking for a sweet new roommate, Toto is your girl! She’s microchipped, vaccinated, and $50 to adopt.

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