TC, 1 year, male

Sweet and a little shy, TC is all purrs and affection once you coax him out of his shell! This handsome tuxedo was initially nervous in his foster home, but has since made a breakthrough and now his foster says that he "can not get enough pets and cuddles." He loves head and chin scritches and cuddles up to his people once he's feeling confident. Sometimes he’ll even go for belly rubs! He’ll follow his fosters around the house and loves being near them. Although he can get spooked by some sudden movements and sounds, a little gentle reassurance will soon have him chatting you up with a variety of meows and trills! His fosters say that once you get him talking to you it’s “unbearably cute!”

Speaking of cute, his fosters rave about how adorable he is - the pictures can’t quite cover it! Although he’s not “super fluffy,” TC does have some great ear and toe tufts and a tail that makes him look like he’s “got a huge feather duster attached to him.”

TC is still discovering how to play with toys, which is quickly becoming a favorite hobby. You’ll soon find he has quite a playful and goofy side! His favorite toy is the feather chaser with a bell. As a young cat, he does need a lot of playtime to keep him stimulated. TC could do well in a house with older, patient kids who can give him time to come out of his shell. He’s cautious around strangers but learning not to hide from new people. Potential adopters should expect TC to need some time to warm up to his new home, but once he's comfortable TC is sure to be an adorably cute and affectionate companion!

TC is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, negative for FeLV/FIV, and $50 to adopt.

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