Did you know that black cats have the most difficult time getting adopted?  We can’t understand why, especially when you take a look at a cat like Smith.  He is as entertaining as he is beautiful; a perfect companion, curious and playful.  His foster mom tells us that Smith is full of quirky behaviors, such as sitting outside the bathroom door like a sentry while she showers.  She tells us:

“I've found him sitting in my kitchen sink a couple times. Not sure why, but he seems to like it there. Also I think he likes playing with water because sometimes he'll dip his paws in his water bowl and make little wet paw prints, which is super cute [...]  Sometimes he'll hide under my coffee table, and I'll just see his paws come out to swat at the tassels on my pillows.”

Smith is friendly with new people and loves affection.  He is especially curious, watching anything that spins, like the record player or microwave tray.  He loves sitting by the window, following the birds through the sky, and will let out an adorable chirp from time to time, to let his foster know he's on the hunt. He has a funny little meow that is reminiscent of a squeaky toy -- how cute is that?! During play time you’ll get to see what a good jumper he is as he soars through the air to attack his feather wand toy.

Smith has lived with other cats, but it didn’t work out, so he needs to go to a home where he’s the only cat. He would be a great introductory cat for first time adopters, however he would prefer to live in a home with no young children.  Smith's foster describes him as playful, but not too energetic, affectionate, but not pushy.  All in all, Smith is a well-balanced cat ready to find his home!  

He is neutered, vaccinated, tested negative for FIV/FeLV, microchipped, and $50 to adopt.