PENNY, 17 years, FEmale

Penny is a sweet, confident 17-year old that is looking for a caring home to spend her retirement. She is an independent cat that enjoys being pet, but is equally comfortable spending time on her own and just being in your company. Penny has a love for exploring new spots to nap - whether it is the fluffy bathroom rug, the top of the dresser, or the living room carpet, Penny will find the most comfortable location. She also has a special affinity for sleeping on packing materials and exploring boxes.

Penny is easy to please! She can be chatty, but when you remind her of your presence, or give her beloved treats and food, she is happy as can be. When she isn't napping, Penny loves playing with her catnip mouse.

Penny is the perfect fit for someone looking for an independent, confident, playful feline companion. While she is okay with kids and other cats, she would probably be happier alone.

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