penelope, 3 years, female

Playful, sweet Penelope is really getting used to the calm and comforts of a home: plenty of space to chase her toys, cozy furniture, and the freedom to follow and observe her human housemates. Though initially a little skittish, she’s become confident quickly as she’s gotten to know them - seeking out chin and cheek rubs, weaving between their legs, and even sleeping some nights on their bed.

They’ve loved getting to know her, too. Beyond her soft white and tabby fur, elegant whiskers, and curious eyes, Penelope’s also a secret purr machine, with a small squeaky meow that comes out when she’s most excited for a treat or a toy. As brave and social as she’s become, she still has moments and days where she wants to curl up in private. For that reason, we think she’d like to be the only cat in her home, but she’d get along great with older kids who could respect her space. If you have a spot in your house and your heart, come meet this sweetheart while you can. Even her fosters have said, “Honestly, it's hard to keep from getting attached!”

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