monkey, 10 years, female

Beautiful Monkey is a confident torbie with a good balance of independence and love to share! She greets her fosters at the door and will flop around to show off her belly. Being brushed is one of her favorite activities and she'll respond with loud purrs! She also enjoys head pets and chin scratches, and rubbing her head on her fosters' feet. She's not much of a lap cat, but instead will lay on your chest or hang out near you and chat.

At 10 years old, Monkey enjoys being a couch potato, but can also get really into her toys! Expect her to get adorably excited over the laser pointer, a string toy, ping pong balls, and catnip. Monkey is also quite intelligent and may open doors. She doesn't tend to get excited about food, but be warned that she may decide to snack on your flowers!

Monkey does have some tortie "cattitude" in her and will do best with someone who can be sensitive to her needs and limits. Older children could be fine, but she'll be happiest as the only cat in her space. Expect her to take some time to warm up to her new home, and soon she'll be greeting you at the door, entertaining you with her antics, and purring loudly!

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