missy, 5 months, female

Meet Missy! She’s a playful, intelligent, and sweet five-month-old who’s ready to experience life with a loving adopter. She already knows the essentials of life as a cat, and she approves enthusiastically: she loves crunchy treats, human laps, head scratches, playing with toys, and playing with other cats.

But we know there’s even more for Missy to learn and explore with a committed human friend or family! Because she hasn’t had a stable home yet, she can be cautious around new people. But she’s easy to win over with a ribbon toy or a treat. With a little time, she’ll open right up and make herself at home on your lap, your sofa, and pretty much anyplace else that looks comfortable. Show Missy what it’s like to be a valued friend, and she’ll show you what it’s like to be loved by a totally joyful, sweet cat!

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