Jura, 4 Years, feMAle

Jura is a beautiful black cat who is looking to bring a lot of love to her new home! She's very affectionate and warms up quickly to new places and new people. She'll greet you at the door, follow you around, and rub up against your legs. Sometimes she'll even weave between your legs and let you know she's looking for love with her adorable meows! Jura is quite friendly with new people and loves to introduce herself by coming up and requesting pets with loving headbutts.

She's particularly affectionate in the mornings and evenings, when she'll snuggle with you and offer loads of kitty kisses! She’s happy to sit next to you and is also quite a lap cat. When she’s sitting in your lap, she can get overstimulated with too much petting - she asks that you watch her body language. She also likes her playtime and will chase the feather wand around the house! When she's not being cuddly or playful, Jura is comfortably independent and enjoys napping, playing in her box, and guarding the house from her window perch. We also think, with a good introduction and a little time, she could be a great friend and playmate for another cat.

Jura is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, tested negative for FIV/FeLV, and Jura's adoption fee has been generously sponsored by a secret admirer from Oakland Animal Services.

Interested in adopting, fostering or have more questions? E­mail info@cattownoakland.org