eNZO, 1 year, male

Enzo is a goofball with lots of energy to share - he loves playtime! His amazingly fluffy tail may give you the impression of a squirrel when he's chasing his toys around. He's very creative, and can see the potential for play in anything!

Enzo likes to sleep by your feet at night. During the day, he likes to snuggle under the blankets when he has the bed to himself. Be prepared for purrs galore, and sometimes, Enzo may nibble on you gently as a sign of affection! He can be shy around new faces, but with a bit of time he may decide to hang out with your friends, too!

As he's adjusting to his new home, he may tuck himself away to de-stress, but given time, will grow his confidence. While playtime is one of his very favorite activities, he can get a little overexcited, so he'll do best with a guardian who can tell when he's being playful and when he's being moody.

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