Eddie, 2-3 Years, MAle

If it’s his wise, wild looks that draw you to Eddie, like he’s a forest creature who might secretly talk, here’s the bad news: he’s really just a silly, cuddly cat. (And we’ve never heard him speak English. But who knows, right?) What we do know about him - he’s handsome, huggable, and fun-loving. As Eddie’s foster puts it, in glowing, somewhat intense terms: “This guy is a keeper. He’s incredibly affectionate, beautiful, and a total party cat. His best trick is slipping and sliding all over the wood floors chasing a shoelace...  You could hug this cat to death and he’d only purr louder.”

Eddie’s easy to please, whether you’re a first time adopter or an experienced cat owner. Though he can’t communicate with words or telepathy (as far as we can tell), you’ll never have to guess what’s on his mind. He loves good food, fun games, and good friends. E-mail info@cattownoakland.org, grab a string or a shoelace, and come introduce yourself - Eddie’s ready to meet you!

Eddie is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, negative for FeLV, and $50 to adopt.  Eddie tested FIV+, which just means he’ll need to be an indoor only cat.