CAPTAIN, 7 years, male

Oh Captain, our Captain! You might recognize him first by his three-legged stance and walk, and at that point, you might already be in love. But just wait until Captain shows you his personality - smart, loving, cuddly, and playful. He admires humans a lot, and watches his fosters’ behavior with great interest. And whether it’s to get a better look or to be admired himself, he loves finding high places to perch; either way, it seems to be a successful strategy.

Captain will be patient and independent all day, but he can’t hide how happy he is when his people get home. He’ll come running and greet you with some excited chirps, hopeful that you’ll want to play with yarn or lie down for a nap, even if he napped and played with yarn all day. For some reason, doing those same things is just better with you! We think you’ll find that your days are warmer and more fun with Captain, too.

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