BILLY, 1-2 years, male

With a blossoming confidence level and a personality to boot, Billy is ready to welcome you into his world of playtime, curiosity, and snuggles. His foster parents have nothing but praise for this young man, and they know that “once he warms up to his new family and home, he will be a very rewarding cat companion.”

His natural intelligence is enhanced by his observant nature - he enjoys staring longingly out the window at the birds outside, eavesdropping on conversations in the other room with wide eyes and a tilted head, and sitting like a student while you read him poetry.

Once he’s comfortable in his surroundings, he will slowly transform into a laid-back and independent cat that values time both by himself and with his humans. Have a little patience, and soon he’ll be bringing you toys and begging for pets. He even has a nickname for when he’s at his silliest: “Wild Bill”!

If you’re looking for love and laughter, consider calling Billy one of your own.

Billy is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and negative for FeLV/FIV. Billy is currently only $25 to adopt as part of our Black Cat Adoption Special, August 13 through 18.

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