bastille, 7 years, female

Sweet and beautiful Bastille is so glad and so grateful to be in a home these days, and she lets her foster know it every day. When Bastille arrived at the shelter, she was thought to be blind, have mobility issues, and she was termed "semi-feral". Ends up that poor Bastille was very allergic to fleas, was covered in mats on her belly which were impeding her movement, and she was just very, very scared and confused about her predicament. But from day one in her foster home, Bastille has shown that she’s a healthy, happy, affectionate cat who just wants to play and make friends.

A perfect day for Bastille isn’t hard to attain, according to her foster: “She loves to snuggle and sleep under the blankets right next to you. She’ll leap from lap to lap, looking for the best snuggles. [And] she loves to chase her feather string, and zooms around in excitement over the event!” If those are moments you’d like to share with Bastille, she would absolutely love to meet you - email us at and we’ll introduce you!

Bastille is currently only $25 to adopt as part of our Black Cat Adoption Special, August 13 through 18.