bailey, 10 years, male

Bailey is a pure bundle of love. All he really wants is to love and to be loved. He adores being around people, and his large, golden eyes are irresistible. Though he doesn't have much use of his hind legs, he will make his way toward you. Once on your lap, he will purr loudly, bring his face near yours, and if you're lucky give you kisses. Sometimes Bailey will even gently stretch out his paw towards your neck or cheek to hug you. And he especially enjoys chin scratches!

Because of Bailey's back legs, he should be an "indoor only" cat. However, Bailey loves being outside on the patio, so if you have a small enclosed outdoor area for him to chew on grass and breathe fresh air, he would love it.

While he struggles with his hind legs, he has started taking steps and is getting stronger every day. He needs regular medication for his seizures, which can affect his desire for closeness and general wellbeing, but he still has a playful side to him, and loves the cat dancer!

This beautiful, lovable cat would do best as an only cat. If you've always dreamt of a gentle lap cat, Bailey is the one for you!

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